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It's already the end of February, and 2010 hasn't been that much easier than 2009 so far (if at all) - I don't know why I expected it to be, though. Guess it's just one of those things, where a new year is supposed to restart everything. That's not really how things work, though. Ah well.

Been sick most of the month, which isn't helpful for most things, but I think I'm finally over it; I hope I don't get sick with something else again - I'd really like to be healthy, or at least as much as I get, again soon.

My wife was laid off from her job this month, but managed to land a new one in a week. Considering the job market, I find this thoroughly impressive. I hope we can finally get out from under our financial burdens one of these days.

In lighter news, I've gotten into World of Warcraft, which is kind of odd, since I've tried it three or four times in the past, and never really got into it. Seemed to hit my stride with my rogue this time around, though. Good times - now I just need to get Wrath of the Lich King (preferably some time before Cataclysm hits), but it's hard to justify $40. Heck, I'm playing on prepaid time from Christmas and Refer-a-friend, so I don't have to pay the subscription fees, even.

Also, speaking of things that I REALLY want but shouldn't buy, the new Wind Rider plushie (and, yes, the Gryphon, too), is way too adorable. I want one, and that's even if it didn't come with the in-game version (that I also want, but not as badly).

Incidentally, you folks who post in LiveJournal all the time, how do you manage to do it so often? I've never been able to keep it up.
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