Aaron "Fault" Douglas (fault) wrote,
Aaron "Fault" Douglas

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Cold Cold

Had little to no cold water for my shower this morning. It's surprising how much that can stick to you. It's always cold in the office at which I work, but today I'm chilled right to the bone. I also think I may be coming down with something. A cold, probably. I feel pretty crummy and tired, but I'm trying to keep my chin up. After all, Gab is employed again and we should be all sorts of financially stable again within, I don't know, the next couple months? We have some catch-up to do.

Also good news is it's Scribblenauts day today, which I'll be picking up after work, since I had it preordered and paid for since a while ago as an early/late birthday present. Who knew a present could be both early and late? Does that make it balance out to being right on time? I'll figure it does.
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